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This is a proof-of-concept prototype for what could one day be a full game. After working for months on end, I've quickly learned that working alone, this game will never come to fruition as a complete project, so for now I am shelving the game to work on a smaller project or join a team on theirs. Because of this, development is halted indefinitely. The current project is unfinished and includes some debug items left in simply because I thought they were fun to play with for a bit.

I never made a tutorial, so I might as well put in the controls:

With a Xinput controller (Recomended):

A) Charge / Pounce

X) Chime, cuz you're a bell

Y) Cling onto a nearby object with your tail!

Left stick) Steering and aiming pounce

With a mouse and keyboard:

WASD) steering and aiming pounce

Left Mouse) Charge / Pounce

Right Mouse) Chime, cuz you're still a bell

Middle Mouse) Cling onto nearby objects with that tail.

Install instructions

Unzip the download file and then run the BelleTheCat.exe file.


BelleTheCat.zip 32 MB

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