Aristotle the Magical Axolotl is visiting the family of his late best friend, Arthur, over the holidays. When he discovers that Arthur's daughter is sick in bed and can't go outside and play, they use some magic instead.

This was made for the Billie Bust Up December monthly community contest. The theme was "Aristotle and Winter Holidays".


Move: WASD

Grab a snowball: SPACE

Drop the snowball: LEFT SHIFT

AuthorMint Fox
Made withUnity
Tags3D, billie-bust-up, Christmas

Development log


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It has a very simple, but freshly cute aesthetics.

Though i think there shall be some texture on the snow, like the one on the snowball.

I liked the lighting alot, does it use the default Unity lighting system ?

yeah it just uses some default lights in urp. most of the lighting is baked in.

Fun game!

thanks! 💚

(10 day reply sorry Oof) Yw!